The Historical Medina of Sousse

Sousse is one of the oldest cities in Tunisia and its authentic medina is one of the finest examples of Arab architecture in the country. It is on UNESCO World Heritage List because it has preserved almost unchanged over the centuries. The medina gives the visitor the idea how the Arabic towns from the first centuries looked like. … More The Historical Medina of Sousse


El Jem – The Colosseum of North Africa

Small town of El Dem in Tunisia is home to the one of the most impressive Roman remains in Africa, the Roman amphitheater of ancient Thysdrus – known today as El Dem or El Djem. Visitors can imagine here what it was like to be inside the gladiator arena – a place where lions and people met their fate. Some part of the El Dem amphitheater is crumbled but the essence of it still remains. It is famous for its starring role in the Hollywood epic film ‘Gladiator’. … More El Jem – The Colosseum of North Africa