Charming City of Herceg Novi – Entrance to the Bay of Kotor

The charming city of Herceg Novi is the entrance of the beautiful Bay of Kotor. Its old town Stari Grad has centuries old squares, elegant churches and formidable fortresses to explore. Down in the harbor, the pebbly beaches offer access to swim in the bay’s best and cleanest sparkling waters in the almost-constant sunshine of the Adriatic coast. Herceg Novi is one of the newer towns on the bay, founded only in 1382. Not as popular among the tourists as the city of Kotor, Herceg Novi offers the visitors less crowds and more peaceful setting of historic coastal town in Montenegro.


Herceg Novi lies at the foot of Mount Orjen and has a mild and pleasant Mediterranean climate. During the summer months, the sea temperature is between 22 – 26 ℃ (72 – 79 ℉), and with approximately the same daily air temperature. The swimming season can last up to five months. Herceg Novi is also known for its healing sea mud called “igaljsko blato” (Igalo mud) and mineral water springs called “igaljske slatine” (Igalo water springs) and there are many spas and health centers in the Herceg Novi area.

The serene view of the Adriatic Sea seen from the harbor of Herceg Novi


Although being one of the youngest settlements on the Adriatic Sea, the city has had a turbulent history. Various foreign occupations had left its mark on the city that can be seen as a blend of diverse and picturesque architectural style in the city. The most famous landmarks are castle Forte Mare built by the Bosnian king Tvrtko I in 1382, a clock tower built by Austrians in the 19th century, the Kanli tower built by Turks, and the Serbian church St. Michael Archangel in central Belavista Square.

Build in 1667, the elegant clock tower was once the main gate to the city of Herceg Novi


The charming white piazza of Belavista is perfect place for relaxing in the shade and enjoying the atmosphere of this historic old city. The centuries old buildings are brought to life by the buzzing cafes and the sound of pianos traveling from the windows of music schools. Following numerous paths of stairs up from the square, you will be able to admire the beautiful view to the Bay of Kotor over the city.

Local cats in the narrow alleys of Herceg Novi old town Stari Grad


3 Tips for Herceg Novi

  • There are no sandy beaches in the city, but many along the rest of the Kotor Bay that are reachable by boat
  • Since most of the tourists favor the northern part of the coast (Kotor & Budva), Herceg Novi is perfect for those seeking tranquility and more peaceful sights
  • In January, the city becomes scented with the subtle fragrance of the blooming mimosa trees and Praznik Mimosa Festival in the end of January is dedicated to this flower



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